District Profile

Tehri Garhwal is one of the mountainous districts of Uttarakhand State. The district was included in Uttarakhand after the state was carved out of Uttar Pradesh on 9th November 2000. The district stretches from the snow clad Himalayan peaks of Thalaiya Sagar, Jonli and the Gangotri group all the way to the foothills near Rishikesh. The district lies between latitudes 30º03' and 30º53' N and longitudes 77º56' and 79º04' E. The district falls in Survey of India toposheet nos. 53J and 53N.The gushing Bhagirathi which runs through seems to divide the district into two, while the Bhilangna, Alaknanda, Ganga and Yamuna rivers border it on the east and west. Its neighbouring districts are Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri, Rudraprayag and Dehradun.

The geographical area of the district is 3796 km2. There are nine blocks in the district viz. Narendra Nagar, Chamba, Devprayag, Thauldhar, Pratapnagar, Bhilangana, Kirtinagar, Jaunpur and Jakhnidhar. The valleys ranging from 400-550 m along main drainage of Ganga-Yamuna system, however, the secondary and tertiary watersheds along with streams and nalas ranges with valley locations from 700-1200 m. The mid hills faces moderate climate with temperature ranging from 12-31oC. Soil types are based on the rock physiographic i.e. geologically from quaternary origin and sedimentary rocks. Fertility status varies on the basis of humus content and embedded parental matters.

The salient features of agricultural statistics in the district are given below

Agriculture Landuse

Particulars Area (000ha)
Gross Sown Area 88.46
Area Sown more Than Once 32.25 ha
Net Sown Area 56.20 ha
Cropping Intensity 157.39%
Gross Irrigated Area 15.05 ha
Net Irrigated Area 7.91 ha
Irrigation Intensity 190.29%

Agriculture Landuse

S.N. Crop Area (ha) Production, (000 ton) Productivity (q/ha)
1 Kharif
Rice 11396 17.59 25-30
Maize 11396 1.96 9.48
Finger Millet 16693 17.6 20-23
Barnyard Millet 15808 22.42 20-23
Urd 1725 1.89 12-23
Til 257 0.055 1.83
Soybean 491 0.52 30-35
Arhar 831 0.64 16-20
2 Rabi
Wheat 24085 28.35 30-35
Barley 2388 2.29 11.51
Gram 24 0.005 20-26
Veg. Pea 128 0.335 13.84
Tur 702 0.525 7.48
Masoor 977 0.66 15-16
Rape Seed and Mustard 858 0.37 22-24
Total Cereals 26473 30.64 30-46.51
Total Pulses 1703 1.19 15-23.48
Total Foodgrain 28304 32.165 45-69.99
Total Oilseeds 858 0.37 22-24

Agro-Climatic / Ecological Zone

Particulars Area (000ha)
Agro-Ecological Sub Region (ICAR) Western Himalayas, Warm Subhumid (To Humid With Inclusion of Prehumid) Eco-Region 14.2
Agro-Ecological Region (Planning Commission) Western Himalayan Region (I)
Agro-Climatic Zone (NARP)* Hill Zone (UP-1)
Cropping Intensity Haridwar, Nainital, Almora, Bageshwar, Champawat, Pithoragarh, Pauri Garhwal, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarkashi, Dehradun, Chamoli, Rudraprayag